online: 9 october 2003

8 october 2003 glad I came out today

17:37 Seat overlooking a wooded valley. Low energy today, it took some exertion to get here but I'm glad I came. Is it time to adapt to declining energy, or is it better to struggle more? A little of both I guess.

Today I'm still correcting and changing the theory of industrial living that I've written for daffodil 23. I'm still not quite happy with it. Is it because the retelling of thoughts does not flow - as this flows (the writing of thoughts as they occur)? Probably. Perhaps I'll rewrite it... No, I'll accept it for what it is.

I look up and enjoy the sight of the whole sky seemingly moving as a strong wind drives low grey clouds to the south. But above and beyond them I see some white mare's tails in the stratosphere and they are not visibly moving. But the trees, still mostly green, are swaying in the moderate wind at ground level.

A hawk or kestrel descends into the trees. As I walked here I passed a cluster of michaelmass daisies as tall as myself and watched a big bumble bee visiting the flowers. Yes, I am at ease in this place - I can feel myself becoming happier and livelier as I breathe the outdoor air and react to the presence of natural events and changes - more than I can describe.

A man, a woman, and two dogs walk by - their presence, and their swift pace and easy movement fill me with joy and confidence in nature and people. The wind also. And now a man in yellow runs swiftly by. I can see that he runs well with easy motion of legs and arms - few runners have it.

The gray clouds are gone and now there is blue sky and a few fast-moving pink clouds lit by the sunset behind me. This brief scene in the play of nature has been so various, and so quiet. It's lasted for 50 minutes. It asks no applause but I salute it!

Yes, I'm very glad I came out today. I nearly didn't.

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