online: 25 october 2003

24 october 2003 reading a newspaper

16:30 Outdoor cafe. Fine day, cold air, but it's warm out of the wind. I was the only one eating outside... now two others appear. 100 or so empty chairs waiting, as are most artifacts, for people who don't need them at the moment.

White and grey clouds are arriving from the north-east and moving quickly to fill the clear blue sky to the south-west. Cold dry air - good weather for thinking.

I read a newspaper for about 20 minutes - and as usual I feel as if I've learnt things I didn't want or need to know. Is it that the whole culture, or the journalists' view of it, is mistaken, unnecessary, or is somehow a distortion of life as it could be - or should be?

Or is it that the commercial purpose of newspapers is biassed towards news that fits expectations and conceals reality?... There is something profoundly wrong. Power is exerted but to what purpose? To perpetuate illusions? And in whose interest is that?...

I prefer poetic fiction.

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