online: 15 december 2003

15 december 2003 invigorating weather

15:12 Outdoor cafe. Cold but sunny day. Visible breath... Tap-tap, tap-tap, someone is chiselling a wooden door... Saddam Hussein is captured. He has grown a long beard and looks like Karl Marx (whom I believe he admires)... History reverts to being a story of heroes and despots - and no one remarks on the decline of state sovereignty or the shift of power to superstates, global corporations, regional unions, NGOs and such... Two men carrying a wastebin between them smile and laugh as the walk by... There are 14 crumbs left from the cake I've just eaten... 'We got him!' said the American chief in Iraq... It's 15:30 and I decide to walk back while it's still daylight.

I like to think that all these things are of equal value - perhaps zero!... and good in themselves.

On the way back (walking fast in the cold air beneath a clear sky in the dusk) I pause to note that gorse is in new bloom, pale yellow, near to white... in the summer it's golden yellow.

...and now, back in the train, I appreciate it's warmth... Invigorating weather!... (this morning I was feeling too low or too tired to get up).

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