online: 21 december 2003

21 december 2003 the survival of the unfittest

13:40 The shortest day.

Again sitting outdoors and drinking tea. Small children yelling egotistically while parents act out ineffective patterns of appeasement and control...

Now they've gone and peace is resumed in this garden cafe.

We, the remaining adults, are trained not to disturb anyone. Where are our egos, wishes, our dreams? What are we doing on earth, thinking thoughts, moving muscles, keeping alive, interacting, with our limited awareness and divine/demonic unpredictability - in our ordinary lives and our children's, the source of the new, if we do not repress our selves, or each other... or perhaps if we do... the survival of the unfittest (that, I believe, is the correct interpretation of natural selection, the fittest being the ones who can adapt least to changed conditions).

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