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2 march 2004 life has restarted

15:22 here I am again in the outdoor cafe this afternoon eating and drinking and writing out of doors...

On the way I passed a man on a seat in a shirt with no jacket and I said 'spring is here ... we're through the winter' ... and he said ... 'the winter of discontent'... and I looked back to imagine him reading Shakespeare.

Then I passed a woman who was taking off her coat, and her jacket, as she walked... She was passing them both to her companion. They were laughing.

It was a far more pleasant walk today with the trees, the birds and everyone reacting to signs of spring ... More than signs, for spring has become the ambience... No more winter. Even if the air is cold and snow reappears, life has restarted. The sky is clear today and people are responding immediately.

Is it possible that there will be a spring in human life and culture. That is my concern... And this morning I began a new piece of writing which I called culturestart ... 'culture restart' and 'rest' condensed into a singularity, an invisible moment, including tart before art.

"...a oes heddwch?"*

*the traditional call at an eisteddfod (Welsh bardic festival):


"" shouts or sings the bard


"...peace!" shout or sing the people

Yesterday, 1st March, was the holy day of Dewi Sant (Saint David patron saint of Wales) - it was also the 2nd (or is it the 3rd?) anniversary of daffodil, the newsletter of this website.

this eisteddfod call is from page 554 of the internet and everyone and is also a memory from my childhood - I was so impressed, and still am, that concern for peace (in a very warring nation) was so poetically and publicly realised.

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