online: 29 march 2004

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29 march 2004 these few things I noted down

First walk for more than two weeks while I kept indoors so as not to breathe cold damp air. Today the air temperature is 14C and the sky is thin cloud, light grey, nearly white. Once I get to the heath I see that the willow leaves and catkins, and the may flowers, are already out. The elder trees too - and there are small leaves emerging on every branch of what could be a beech or something similar. There is a great stillness - at ground level there is no wind at all. This seems to me a special moment. Soon I get to feel hot in my winter coat and scarf and I take off scarf and cap as I walk the first mile. I hear the song of small birds and see a blackbird come close to the pathway. When I get to Kenwood House I see that all the daffodils are now in bloom and that the magnolia tree is in bloom also. So many flowers appearing before leaves. In the outdoor cafe I eat a nut tartlet and drink tea as usual. And on the way back I see nettles growing close to the ground, only about 15 cm as yet but soon they will shoot up to a metre or more. Summer is already close yet most trees are bare and the brambles still look dead and broken. On return I ate quickly and then slept deeply and dreamt. All this seems of greater import than thoughts and resolutions though today I've had many - and feel as if a breakthrough could be close if I can direct my thoughts aright, yet not impede them. But to this celebration of small things, each one vast, I turn first, just to describe and to remember these few things I noted down. No need to do more.

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