online: 3 april 2004

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2 april 2004 indoors to out

Late afternoon. Viaduct seat. Arrived feeling fragile, as if an invalid (I'd been indoors for three weeks)... But now, after sitting here in mild sunshine and a gentle breeze, in spring-like even summery air, I'm recovering strength - and confidence in my health... I was beginning to give up my aspirations but now I feel like continuing.

I'm looking at the water and reflections of vegetation and of a wooden fence and of people walking by on the opposite bank. There is a robin occasionally chirping to my left and another to my right. People are beginning to wear summer clothes - a young woman passing has bare shoulders and midriff and I see no one but me in winter coat and scarf. A hawthorn near the pond is in bloom - there are hundreds or even thousands of white blossoms on straight twigs. One of the robins is coming closer. It's found a worm but leaves it wriggling on the ground. And then it flies off with it, or did it swallow it quickly?...

...and now the shadows are lengthening and I feel like continuing this first spring-like walk of the year.

Station. After an energetic walk back through steep woodland (guided by random numbers at each of 10 turning points, and then consciously choosing to walk through more woodland) I realise that this walk and outdoor rest has transformed me from temporary invalid to active person. Thank goodness.

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