online: 15 april 2004

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14 april 2004 an interview observed

13:58 a tv interview, with flowers, in the street, opposite my window

The camera person is standing with his spine bent and his legs are spread and locked into a suitable position for photography (why do most of us bend our legs and spines when taking photographs?).

The sound recordist is standing straight with his feet together like a soldier. He scratches the back of his neck as the interview proceeds - perhaps he has too little to do.

The director is providing questions and, most essentially, is acting as a surrogate viewer as the person being filmed looks directly at him (or at the lens?) as he addresses her over the camera person's shoulder.

The person being filmed is holding a bunch of flowers. She talks (and gesticulates) initially with enacted or pretended emotion (I guess she has been to acting school) but as the interview proceeds her actions become a little easier and more natural.

They become even more natural when, as a car manoeuvers into a parking space next to the interview, she pays some attention to that part of reality while still talking to the camera (about the flowers?).

As they enacted the interview a lady with white hair walked into the background of their picture and passed close to them as they carried on filming without reacting to her presence.

When the interview is over, and as they walk away, they all four drop their enacted postures and reassume human or psycho-muscular reality, without falsification... (except that their normal animated ways of walking and talking are I suppose also artificial skills but at some deeper level that the interview did not, and perhaps could not, utilise).

Whew! It took some doing to note that - writing more rapidly on paper than I can inscribe on the handheld ...

And now, writing as if I am the reader of this entry, I've expanded and clarified it a bit while typing it into a desktop computer. It's more than I actually wrote (on paper) but it is (I suppose) far less than the uncatchable whole of what I saw and thought while observing this typical news event that we accept as reality... Nothing is... Our reported and remembered world must be quite largely a fiction, or an abstraction.

But this is an attempt at observing more than is usually included in 'the news' - some awareness of how much of reported reality is concealed artifice... And life is more pleasant, I think, and more interesting, when one attempts to reveal it.

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