online: 26 april 2004

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25 april 2004 an interactive exhibition

at the berio lounge*

everyone is laughing and strangers are talking to each other**

'a mixture of humour and profound seriousness'

'sometimes he turned to the audience as if baffled and said warum' (what is warum?)

tables, sofas, bodysize cushion beds, all with headphones, some with laptops, some with books, questione, many things... some in italian

all these are white, and well-spaced for quiet listening

there is a magnetic world map with folk music earphones, each linked to a country

the whole thing is wonderful, so modest, unpushy, and friendly

some of the exhibits were made by schools, musicians, artists, designers and film makers

as I began writing this while sitting on one of the sofas, the assistant came over to tell me that it's closing in 10 minutes

a celebration of luciano berio
he advised those who made it but did he not live to see it (he died last may she said)


I hope to return and see and hear (and do!) more and to see Pete Gomes' hand-drawn animation on 8mm film which didn't come on during my brief visit but which I came to see...

*Omaggio, the Berio lounge - a celebration of Luciano Berio, Royal Festival Hall, London 15-30 april 2004.

**I am reminded of Edwin Schlossberg's descriptions of interactive exhibitions - those which provoke people to interact with each other as well as with the things exhibited.

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