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13 june 2004 parts of the universe

19:13 Evening, sitting in a glade bordered by oaks, a lime, an ash, elderberry, hundreds of nettles, thousands of leaves of grasses... lit brightly by streaks of sunlight, insects jumping aeronautically from place to place*, and people passing by, slowly, on asphalt paths... and the lesser miracle: of these letters, and words and phrases appearing, out of the past, through animal fingers, revealing supernatural thought that can include anything.

As a young man runs ahead, a middle-aged man (he is with) hides behind a tree - and they both laugh when the young one looks back and the older one reveals himself.

Two cyclists go by, a man with a small child on a seat in front of him and a woman with a small child on a seat behind her. None of them seem to think this remarkable: their ability to maintain dynamic balance, the Adam-and-Eve-like precedence with man in front, woman following, and the squeezing of additional seats for infants into 'bicycles made for one'... nor does anyone at all remark on the wonder of everything - we all just 'get on with it'.

The grasses are motionless but the topmost leaves of the trees oscillate in a breeze that is halted by vegetation at ground level.

*the places these insects jump from and to are not objects but points in space. What do they see there?

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