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15 june 2004 strange moments

19:40 Pond 1. This afternoon I've read half of Young Emma*, WH Davies's story of his wife... and now I am in an increasingly strange mood (or dream?)... as if I've been suffering poverty and its consequences for decades and did not know it... and, yes, that's ok.

19:46 Pond 2, sitting again... to note more of this strange state. My hearing is augmented, tinnitus is again noticeable... and everything looks more vivid, every detail, 4 swans, 2 men in the distance, so many trees...

(walking, walking.... And sitting to read)

21:12 Meadow. Thistles in long grass, the surrounding trees, a blue cloud on the horizon, simple people, slight wind, everything seems twice as alive as usual, the ground is dry, the time is 21:15, I've just finished reading the story of WH Davies's wife, I overhear a fragment of lively conversation... the words give out... this is a strange moment but so are many... or any...

The 2 geese with 4 goslings have reappeared ... in pond 1 ... and the goslings are twice or thrice the size they were when I saw them flee to pond 3 some weeks ago - where have they been?

15 coots all standing in shallow water (ready for the night?), 2 are sitting on the sandy beach. The water is still.

*W H Davies, Young Emma, with a foreword by C V Wedgewood, Hodder and Stoughton, Coronet Books, London 1983. The story of his shrewdness, his wife's naivety, and their simple-minded love. See also his poetry and The Autobiography of a Super-tramp.

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