online: 29 june 2000
modified: 30 june, 9 july 2004

29 june 2000 body and soul

20:40 Bragg family seat* overlooking a wooded valley. I used to sit here often but now I seldom do... This evening there are some large mosquitos seeking blood so I decide to move on...

Today I have a feeling of keeping body and soul together - in the sense of uniting thoughts and actions, mind and matter (and to avoid dualism?)... to retain bodymind 'as one'?

Is that the significance of optimism - that it is the result, or the cause, of keeping soul and body together? In which case pessimism is not so much a superior perception of reality as a failure to connect?... Hmm.

I feel I could expand this thought into a book - but I won't bother. I'll just try to keep cheerful, and connected. Not so easy.

*The seat is in memory of Melvyn Bragg's mother.

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