online: 29 july 2004
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4 july 2004 everything changes

20:12 Pond 1
To arrive here, from the streets, to be suddenly faced with the flatness of shining rippling water, coots standing on one leg, the houses opposite with many windows, the clouds, the swans (if they are not hiding), and the people standing, sitting, lying down, all facing the water... to see all this suddenly is unforgettable, yet so different each time. Everything changes.

Pond 2
I sit now to write these impressions. It is Sunday evening.

There are about 10 geese on this pond and 3 swans just reaching adulthood - each still has a few brown feathers. The parent swan has recently taken to swimming about 20 metres away from them. The 3 young ones are always silent and always together.

All these birds, like all other creatures beside humans, seem to live and communicate well enough without language as we know it - but surely they are thinking in some way?

20:54 [Parliament Hill] I've just been looking at the city lit for about 10 minutes by the setting sun. A 100 or so tall buildings each shining pinkish yellow and our own shadows appearing on the trees to the southeast of us about 50 metres away. And now the trees behind us, and the whole earth, all this has moved to obscure the sun. The city is already in shadow and I decide to return - to continue the argument, now that there is one (see 'is there a theory of all this?').

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