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8 july 2004 personal tuition

14:21 On the train back from the heath... with the 20 or so children, aged about 7, whom I saw on the heath with about 6 adults. Assuming that the adults are teachers this is a three-to-one pupil teacher ratio - no wonder the children seem so lively, yet well-behaved! This ratio is at the border between class teaching and personal tuition. And they are out of doors, and 'in life'. 'The education of everyone' begins here!...

...I get out of the train with regret.

To me, classroom teaching is no more than a poor substitute for education one-to-one, as in private tuition or in learning to play a musical instrument...

Schools began as a way of spreading, to the children of the poor, the kind of education given to children of the rich. Now (with the aid of the world itself, and of the internet) it is becoming possible to provide personal tuition to everyone...

But first we have to be rid of schools and redirect the fine enthusiasms of many teachers to more personal learning situations, outside compulsory institutions.

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