online: 30 october 2004
modified: 30 october 2004

30 october 2004 to the future unknown

10:36 For once I write the title before writing the text.

I begin from a summary of things written in October and especially of what I wrote on the 17th not quite comprehensive enough, a blind assembly of quotations from diverse sources to do with the Christian 'City of God', the Chinese humanism that preceded it, the nihilistic humanism and the materialistic exploration of the heavens that followed Christianity, and the new gaps and spaces (global and cosmic threats and opportunities) that now appear before us (and online)... comprising the new unknowns of the future that once seemed predictable through theology or science...

...and here I pause, lost in abstract words, glad to turn to the so-called accidents of the moment, this little handheld and these hands that are writing on it, this bed on which I am lying in a room lined with books, the sunlight coming through blinds still unraised and the electric light converted from ancient sunlight into fossilised plants and now turned back to light... yes I pause (for 12 lines)...

line 13:
pleased and calmed by the actions of constructing that little visual silence I find no need to continue, no possibility either, for this silence is enough in itself - and besides it says all that can be conceived of the future unknown. Anything less seems inadequate

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