22 November 2001 thanksgiving for Americans

today I'm giving thanks for the times when I've enjoyed

the presence of things American

and felt more understood there than here

experiencing a larger world

yes thankyou Americans for your expansiveness that continues

despite the shock of finding that now the world is saying no

to unboundedness that was blind to those it dominates

...may it now become more sensitive

and my particular thanks to American friends

Edwin Schlossberg and Tom Mitchell

and others too many to name

who have made a difference to my life

and especially to John Cage, who wrote:

To us and all those who hate us,
that the U.S.A. may become just another
part of the world, no more, no less.

as epigraphs to
A Year From Monday,1967
M: Writings '67-72,
Calder and Boyars, London 1973

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