7 December 2001 a moment for thought

11:54. Seat among birch trees in a valley. The sun is unobscured and the trees cast long shadows on the fallen leaves and grass. A single crow waddles towards the valley and another pecks at something close to the water - the little stream I walked the length of - from source to lake - from its birth to its destination - some weeks ago.

Today I feel at a frontier: an oracle (rune 21*) invites me to consider and to bless and to let go of all that brought me and my ancestry (and a part of the cosmos) to this day, to this moment...

...an extensive thought before I do whatever follows ...so I pause before returning (to an appointment in an hour's time some miles away - I shall think of this as I walk and as I sit in the train... )

...much thinking followed... extensive insights and resolves

... after beginning to assemble my many thoughts provoked by reading J R R Tolkien's Silmarillion* (the book of pre-myth or proto-myth begun during World War One long before he wrote The hobbit or The lord of the rings) ... and after perceiving these through the informed writing of his academic successor, Tom Shippey**

...I found new thoughts that inspire me but are as yet too unformed and too new to write here

...but I know that they are the ingredients of something...

* A new book of runes, commentary by Ralph Blum, Oracle Books, Los Angeles, California, 1982, and Eddison-Sadd, London, 1990, isbn 0 7472 0282 X. (Rune 21: Thurisaz, gateway, place of non-action.)

** J R R Tolkien, The Silmarillion, HarperCollins, London 1999,

*** Tom Shippey, J R R Tolkien, author of the century, HarperCollins, London 2000.

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