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19 september 2004

1.3 attempted improvements of industrial design and culture

(many of which were resisted at the time)

1. external design and ergonomics of a hydro-electric generator (my first design to be manufactured) 1955

2. traffic automation 1959

3. external design and ergonomics of an early mainframe computer 1961

4. domestic storage 1950s and 60s

5. a method for collective designing 1960

6. car seat comfort 1960s

7. a masters course in design technology 1963

8. design research reports 1960s

9. chance plays 1973

10. the experimental city 1981

11. radio simplicity 1982

12. softopia and the digital diary 2001

(I have yet to write descriptions of these)

now that many world problems are seen to be insoluble by the existing professions alone I hope that the sharing of design work with everyone (such happens in some of these experimental designs) will become timely at last!

as in 'the wheelchair of my aunt' 1998 - a context in which disabled people can design their own wheelchairs (or in which we can all design such universal prostheses as books, cars, houses or phones)

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