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26 september 2004 early days of the future

This section is deliberately empty of explanation.

You are invited to plunge into my website, softopia, not only as a design researcher but also as an ordinary person, capable of anything, and able I hope to enjoy what exists in imagination and to see it as continuous with the extraordinary life that we live now, every part of it...

Here are 11 links to some of the more designerly pages in softopia:


a changing world

design methods for everyone

a different future

good designing

improving the world?

a new enlightenment?

creative democracy

the states of the world

a theory of designing

the symposium of utopia

and then there is the digital diary, visible at what's new , most of which was written out of doors.
It is not enough to cover the rock with leaves.
We must be cured of it by a cure of the ground
Or a cure of ourselves, that is equal to a cure

Of the ground, a cure beyond forgetfulness.

The collected poems of Wallace Stevens, Faber and Faber, London 1955, page 526.

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what's new


digital diary archive

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