online: 2 july 2002

1 july 2002 the future of daffodil

15:43 perhaps make each daffodil more personal, one-to-one

don't seek or expect reactions - just seek to make new additions to softopia known and accessible

welcome subscribers leaving and arriving - both make for eventual accord between archive (this website) and readers - and hope thereby to find a community of people in accord with these thoughts and with each other (does this mean making the subscriber list public?)

do not fear or complain of lack of response

hold to my own inertia - understood (not as inability to act but) as power to act when appropriate

let the oracle (the situation) widen my perceptions - narrowed by interpreting situation as negative

life is suffering

the origin of suffering is egoistic craving and attachment

(first two of the four noble truths of Buddhism - which I see now allow for suffering being avoidable if able to overcome egoistic craving and attachment)

what is the significance and purpose of a 'public writing place'?

it is to give oneself a channel through which to make one's thoughts and compositions accessible to any others (each written thought and each person can now be a public presence)

so one's website is not one's writing place - it is a public archive.

my writing place is very private and intimate - it is this handheld screen for writing that is digitised in the act of writing (which is like whispering, not shouting).

the digitising is what makes it public and what makes the historic link between private and public.

in writing for print there is a huge gulf between the one and the many(maintained with good intentions by editors and printers etc and by the ones who employ them). it is impassable to most thoughts and personal writing, . but, in instantaneously digitised handwriting, there is no gulf - that is the essential difference.

so: the purpose of a public writing place is to make it possible for anyone who can read and write to cross this gulf effortlessly in the act of writing.

(these are the slow thoughts of someone who is struggling to design something - something which, when arrived at, will make them seem obvious - but to the person writing each seems an amazing discovery!)

thinking of softopia,the digital diary and daffodil as they are, what improvements or spontaneous changes do I wish for or imagine?

I wish that each becomes a precedent that others wish to copy and enjoy

I imagine softopia surviving as an archive that cannot be eradicated because it exists in many places

I imagine the digital diary continuing as now and perhaps evolving into different forms (e.g. perhaps becoming a more thoughtful version of 'blogging' (though I can hardly bear the sound of the word) - a sharing of everyone's websearches and surfings as linked narratives of netual reality (and thoughtfulness, I hope)

I imagine daffodil becoming more like handwritten letters, one-to-one, but addressed to anyone who finds them (perhaps like a message in a bottle cast into the sea?)...

but now there is only half-an-hour left of July 1st - just time to make a start at writing daffodil 9...

...first step: to cut and paste these thoughts into daffodil 9 (or as a new link in softopia - yes! - and perhaps daffodils can be shortened to little more than lists of urls?)

Reading the digital diary entries for 4, 7, and 15 may: I am both pleased and surprised - each entry includes far more than I can recall and is more interesting than I expected...'s time I gave time to re-reading dd entries, slowly - could lead to something! (at present I have so little memory of what I wrote - it's not yet connecting in my thoughts, but it could!)...

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