online: 15 september 2002

15 september 2002

in the culture of kiso (fragmentary version 1.0)

cell 2-3 from a matrix of possibilities:

the school of dreams

Having recognised that we are in the expanded world we can let our dreams shape our lives*

That is all that is written in the law and in the syllabus.

Instead of jobs and careers we tell our dreams and collaborate to make them happen - this is the culture of kindness** and sociality (or kiso)

As we read these words on the screen we recognise the things we knew in the mechanical world but see that they are changed.

schools and workplaces and other institutions have become websites and everyone is encouraged and enabled to become a non-specialist, able to keep learning and doing throughout life to the benefit of self/other***.

What anyone does is no longer for money but for interactive joy*** and for public service.

...these are the first fragments of my dream thinks Utopia as she redescribes the culture

...and this is the new reality types Numeroso as he rearranges his thoughts and his intentions accordingly - the software and the hardware will follow if we can keep our actions in anarchic harmony**** with everything.

*Hugh Brody, Maps and Dreams, Indians and the British Columbia Frontier, Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, Middlesex 1983.

**Rosan Chow, 'kindness' as the basis fof future design (in an email)

***Edwin Schlossberg, self/other and Interactive Excellence

****Andrew Culver, anarchic harmony - (see websites I like)

(detailed references to follow)

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