online: 2 september 2002

2 september 2002 letting go

11:11: (write for 20 minutes!) Someone who has written about the internet and everyone, and who is now writing this digitally in public, is half aware that the circumstances have changed - yet his world looks the same...

...the screen clears automatically and when he touches it this writing returns but it now exists in an alternative world, though as yet he sees no difference and continues to write without knowledge of what has happened and of what may happen next.

He thinks of Alice in Wonderland but he does not see a rabbit.

There seem to be two minds present here (he writes now) - a mind that only half knows that things have changed and another that is saying (or writing) that they have. Preferring unity to duality he tries to perceive these two minds as one (!) and then immediately continues this writing in the belief that they have united - though he does not know how.

And now he feels more contented - but the screen clears again...

...when the words return he feels that a fragile unity is beginning and that he should re-examine each part of reality before writing any more words...

...and now, after consulting two sages*, he learns that he will not notice the new if he looks for what 'feels right' (familiar sensations) and that the highest form is that of 'the Formless' (the universal)...

...from which he concludes that the greatest unity is invisible and that in writing this text he has to retrain his perceptions - and perhaps his beliefs.

(He wrote that in 48 minutes, after hesitating for weeks. He intends it to be the first chapter of something.)

*He consulted their books, choosing pages by chance:

F M Alexander, The Use of the Self, Victor Gollancz, London 1932/1985, page 11.

B K S Iyengar, The Concise Light on Yoga, George Allen and Unwin, London 1966/1987, page 32.

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