online: 20 january 2004

20 january 2004 the internet and everyone

author's announcement:

the internet and everyone, isbn 1-899858-20-2

Ellipsis London, the original publisher, was bought by Chrysalis Books / Batsford Books. They have decided to stop publishing it in the United Kingdom.

I am buying some or all of the remaining books and intend to make them available by mail order - with the help of friends who have come to its rescue:

You can now obtain the book at half price by mail order from:

jcj AT

(please replace AT and spaces by the symbol @)

(there is a review of this publication history by Helen DeWitt)


27 january 2004: The book is still distributed in the USA by W W Norton Company, New York but is not available online from them.


For online ordering try author's name, title, or isbn 1-899858-20-2 at:

or other online bookshops

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