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overviews of non-government and decentral and the new way of self-organising (there is no accepted name for it yet!):

from the internet and everyone, pages 31-33:

My purpose in writing the book is to show in some detail exactly how it is that the old path (of expert centralism) is no longer right and that the new path (of what has been called creative democracy made possible by computernet) is the right way to go. Just because it's more human, in a way that crude industrialism never was.

In this vision of universal change from centralism to its reverse, one or two things are essential: for example, how to let go and how to keep the centre empty.

This is the most difficult part for it involves changing our mental pictures of ourselves, and of others, and of what is possible and what is not.

If this is to happen there have first to be changes in the culture, in how we see the world. And also in how we defend the empty centre, or center, or even scenter, against our previously more destructive selves. To relinquish our secret wishes to control and to be controlled, that is the challenge.

from Stanzas for Iris Lesak, by Jackson Mac Low, Something Else Press, Millerton, New York 1972, page 419.

A Little Sermon on the Performance of Simultaneities
by Jackson Mac Low, written on his 44th birthday
(12 September 1966)

Firstly: Listen! Listen! Listen!

Secondly: Leave plenty of silence.

Thirdly: Don't do something just to be doing something.

Fourthly: Only do something when you have something you really want to do after observing & listening intensely to everything in the performance & its environment.

Fifthly: Don't be afraid to shut up awhile. Something really good will seem all the better if you do it after being still.

Sixthly: Be open. Try to interact freely with the other performers & the audience.

Lastly: Listen! Listen! Listen!


talkaoke: or how to broadcast decentrally

(other examples to follow, I hope.)

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