online: 11 december 2002

7 december 2002 a post-industrial breakfast

[from the proceedings of the Basic Paradox event - a semi-online conference about the basis of design - organised by Wolfgang Jonas, Holschule fur Kunst, Bremen.]

Dear friends and colleagues and others,

John Chris Jones will host a "post-industrial breakfast" on 7th December 2002 between 9 and 11 at the basic PARADOX []

[jcj's note (after the event):

1. click on basic PARADOX (it takes a long time to appear)
2. then click on 'forum'
3. then scroll until you find my paper, and the replies to it, listed...
4. then click on 'e' for the text
5. then on each reply]

this takes time and patience but I think it's worth it - you will eventually see and experience this form of online conferencing designed by Wolfgang Jonas and his colleagues... ]

You are welcome to be our guests!



invitation to a paradox event

(it's no longer a workshop, it's a prelude to something other than work!)


in the tradition of The Symposium of Plato
(which was also a banquet)
you are invited take part in a
post-industrial breakfast*
with john chris jones and others

from 09:00 to 11:00 on 7th December 2002


during these two hours we will be breakfasting
on whatever food and drink people bring with them

those who are in other locations and clock times
are asked to eat and drink also
in small groups or singly
in thoughtful discussion and festivity
with those of us who will be in Bremen

as we eat and drink there will be readings: I will read excerpts from my writings

and I will ask
those who responded to my paradox text
designing as people
to read what they wrote.

in the pauses between these readings
anyone who is present at the breakfast,
electronically or physically,
is invited to write or to speak
his or her reactions
to the idea of
'beyond design as we knew it'

you are invited to remember, bless and say goodbye
to designing as it was
and to be present in creative pause
before designing as it might or can be

writings or speakings from other times and places will I hope appear as video projections
visible to those present in Bremen
sitting on three sides of a table
the fourth side being for those who are electronically present


* the phrase 'post-industrial breakfast'
occurs in the last sentence of my recent book
the internet and everyone:

...trying to think some new unthinkables that our technologies can bring as we wake to the post-industrial breakfast, if I may end with a smile, yes a warm one.

Wolfgang Jonas' review of the internet and everyone is also entitled 'The post-industrial breakfast'.

The review appears in DRS News, Design Studies and Design Issues. It can also be seen at Jonas' website:


good wishes to everyone

john chris

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