online: 13 november 2004
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6 november 2004 scene 1: the unconscious heaven

0:29 Watching a film with a French sound-track that I could not understand got me thinking of how it was made and of the 'realistic' conventions of film making and visual story telling...

...for instance the close-up view of each face when it is talking, the carefully contrived eye motions and rapid blinking of the actress when she is speaking, or reacting to speech, the sequence of views of the speakers and of what they are supposed to be looking at - crafted deceptively to compose an unambiguous portrayal of the events that make an arresting and comprehensible story... all these things present life as if it were known in advance and as if real life events happened in planned close-ups, cuts and pans etcetera and in controlled lighting, with musical accompaniment, in explicable and 'gripping' sequence...

...usually my awareness of these conventions prevents me enjoying any commercial film but this time I enjoyed accepting the conventions while I considered writing a cinematic story of the new life I keep imagining when I'm faced with the pathetic if not tragic life we presently endure, unaware that something very different is not only possible but essential if post-industrial living is to become the unconscious heaven that I imagine...

...and now, instead of describing these thoughts, can I write a film script of the new life, and new filming, that I wish was to be seen on tv or in cinema or to be read in a book... or can happen on this website?

the writer pauses to imagine scene 1 of a life very different from what we inherit:

13 november 2004: for a day nothing happened as the silence continued...

...until 16th november, the day when imagination replaced nature and the fingers ceased to write of things past

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