online: 2 december 2003
modified: 2 december 2003

20 november 2003 a sublime connection
(fragment of a fiction to come)

14:31 reviewing his experience in purposeful daydream he (Numeroso?) tries to classify all the organisations he's known according the formula in the unspeakable utopia...

...the first two organisations that come to mind are 'university' and 'art school'...

...and as soon as he's noted them he realises that he need look no further - for these two embody all that is or can be right or wrong about any social form:

is that your answer, asks Unesco?

..that is all you need to know, says the ghost of John Keats, beauty is truth, truth beauty... if you can amalgamate those social bodies all will be well - but the task is profoundly difficult as well as sublime... and if you do it wrongly you will do the greatest damage...

...but Numeroso is not listening - he is remembering the experiences that led him to select only those two, from the multitude of social forms, ancient and modern - the arrogance of 'university' and the modesty of 'school of art'...

(this refers back to 'the feasibility of the new' and is to be continued...)

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