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21 january 2005 thanks

Because the internet is so collective and collaborative a medium I began my talk with thanks ... thanks to the people without whose encouragement and practical help this website would not have existed and i would not be writing this:

Eric Vonna-Mitchell
for frequent demonstrations of Mac software and encouragements to use it during the 1980s and 90s

Tom Neville and Jonathan Moberly
for inviting me to write 'a short book' about the internet and for allowing it to become much more extensive than any of us expected!

Jonathan Moberly
for collaborative design of the book and for enabling me to become active on the web, particularly via his hypertext version of my essay 'the phone'

Kass Schmitt
for skilled help, just when needed, which enabled me to design (by chance process) my first homepage,

Robert Blake
for teaching me how to maintain a website and to use Interarchy to do so (i use what he taught me every day!)

Matthew Fuller
for grasping what i am doing (in book and website) and inviting me to speak at the decadeofwebdesign conference...

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