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19 october 2003 / 17 september 2004 wholeness

an wholistic fragment?

4:56: Continuing 'wholeness'

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09:40 [j-921 - (wholeness/from core of individuality)]

history of the imagined life

the second earth has been waiting for millennia for human beings to evolve a way of living that is as good as it is real but so far with only myths and stories of how it was imagined by wishful thinkers and believed by the credulous. The more sensible ones, those capable of combining the imagined with the real, were unable to realise an integration, amidst the sad history of exploitation, social conflict and war.

But now, on j-921, the second earth, there is a second chance.

that is the second chance, the dream of a utopia that can be real

as the writer struggles a bit to renew and to extend this, his story of his lifework, another presence takes over: that of the accumulated wisdom of all ages in a generation new

(wobbling - wait) ( SEE SOFTOPIA.HTML )

what happened?

what's new


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