online: 28 march 02
modified: 2 september 2002, 29 december 2006, 26 jauary 2007

27 december 2001 towards anarkia

Tired of waiting for the fingers, the characters in the electric book are returning to their earthly origins in the hope of rebirth in the long-sought life of anarkia such as may be revealed to them as seekers from beyond the limits of hierarchy and realism...

...and with those hopeful if abstract words they begin to relive and to rebe and to reanimate this world beyond worlds without compulsion! The world as it is does not know what is coming and what is going but in the heart and the nerves and the muscles of everyone alive and in the creations and memories of everyone dead or unborn is the presence that can realise life beyond anarchy...

26 january 2007
the alchemy of thought and object

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