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19 february 2005
connective elements

results of taking thought and consulting an oracle:

to find, reform, and create a new morality, a new form of living rightly (not a reversion to what is or was most fortunately overcome or abandoned in previous history and evolutions)

of, by and for the new people who may be thus reminded and encouraged to seek and achieve a new way living and interacting

a new moral beauty, beyond idealistic humanism or dualistical religion

as in The Mabinogion, a far better inspiration than that of The Lord of the Rings, not tied to realistic telling (pretended truth) or dualist morality (good versus evil as separated powers)

The Mabinogion itself, naked presence of living bodymind and poetry

[a surviving book of Welsh enacted-mythology-become-folktale-and-written-story in which Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed, after unknowingly insulting Arawn, King of the Underworld, exchanges place with him for a year from tomorrow, unbeknown to their wives and courtiers, and kills Hagfan, a rival who has been threatening Arawn...

how different, how different, from the superstition and dualism of Paradise versus World, God versus Satan, in Paradise Lost
and in many of our modern assumptions
(even that of a supposed 'axis of evil')!]

the world seen as poetry and colours

the imaginary rock foundation

chance elements from archive of self/other

originating in and realising my wish for a right morality of the present

new key to (stored copies of) the internet and everyone
(this is the story, the guest, and the quest - to re-find, re-arrange, re-assess and re-access 20th Century ideas - of which i+e is a deposit)

Immanuel Kant's Critique of (aesthetic and moral) Judgement
(surely relevant though i know little of it?)

As i begin reading an edition available on the internet i realise that Kant is understanding all difference while seeking a necessary unity in thought-and-action: for instance in these words from the table of contents and from the text itself:

The Critique of Judgement as a means of connecting the two Parts of Philosophy in a whole.

'...the fact of Philosophy being only divisible into two parts, the theoretical and the practical...'

[elements 1-9 are in random sequence - in readiness for unforseen connections] which i now add
web design as a connective element
for the moment the most immediate!

[profound or lucky insight?]

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