online: 24 july 2006
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22 july 2006 reductionism, ritual, looking upwards

21:00 ...i was driven away from Parliament Hill by repetitive machine-like music that, to me, says 'people are objects ... people are objects' ... and i came to the tumulus...

seat in memory of ethel copeland campbell*
vegetarian, socialist, pacifist (i can almost imagine her!)

...there are people making solemn ritual music on the tumulus this evening... it is almost silent...

...and the air is still... cooler, and more humid after a sudden change to west wind and some rain... the forecast implies that the hot east wind will soon return but for the moment the air is cool (about 24C) under a layer of grey cloud that is protecting us from destructive radiation...

...needing rest after the effort of combatting the heat i decide not to walk on but to sit here and do nothing but write this...

20:14 ...i lay on the seat to rest and looked long at the large grey cloud that is passing over as the light fades ... Looking upwards i could see the new branches of gorse looking much more regular and lively than the old branches, from which they grew... then a large bird (would it be a heron?) flew over, gliding on broad wings between periods of slow flapping...

21:20 and now, as it is getting dark, i walk on...

* previous writings at the ethel copeland campbell seat:

31 october 2002

4 august 2003
(with photographs of the tumulus, or barrow, Parliament Hill, and other parts of the heath)

19 july 2005

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