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9 august 2007 coincidences

a week later, in retrospect

19:19 i approached a seat at the tumulus i saw that it was already occupied by a woman who (to me) could be the spirit of Ethel Copeland Campbell (to whom the seat is dedicated*)... she told me that her picnic had been eaten by a dog and so i offered to share mine... but it did not fit her diet, so we shared experiences...

*the entry for 22 july 2006 was also written on that seat and it includes links to other entries written there also...

...she asked many questions about my name, family, work and residence, and wrote down my answers... i learnt that she was used to interviewing people, as an administrator of a public park in Toronto... and now she writes art journalism... i began to feel that i was being interviewed for something! we spoke i became aware that we had several interests in common... for instance sculpture... she had been taught it by an ex-student of Frank Dobson (whereas i was taught it by Robert Adams)... and she knew Barbara Hepworth (whose son Simon Nicholson used to work with me at the Open University)... she also knew Elisabeth Frink and had influenced her appointment to make a sculpture for Coventry Cathedral...

...there were other coincidences that i do not remember now... we spoke a kestrel (or a hawk of some kind) began hovering at about 60 feet (say 20 metres) above the field in front of us... later she showed me the tree where it perches and on which it was hatched... and then she took me to a particular spot to which the gum oozing out of a pine tree reflects the sunset in the colours of a rainbow... but i think i was too late to see it before the sun moved out of that particular alignment...

...while i was eating she borrowed a teaspoon in order to break the peel of an orange... and later she accepted an apricot... she left she said that i had cheered her... after feeling sad about something before i arrived...

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