online: 6 october 2004
modified: 6 october 2004

5 october 2004 turning points

17:50 Rain in sunshine as I walked across the dam to pond 3. Then a rainbow above the trees. When I reached Parliament Hill this almost illusory phenomenon seemed to touch ground this side of Highgate Church and at a point somewhere near St Pancras. What a huge arc, I guess it's about 3 kilometres in diameter.

And now, sitting by the football pitch in the last moments of sunset, I feel this is a turning point - having this afternoon completed a written and videod alternative to visiting Korea in person.

I feel inspired to continue the retrospective/prospective work that this request provoked - reviving past works and giving them a second chance... Animating my abundant archives!

Yes. Let that be the way now (in my 78th year which begins in 2 days)...

rain: I must stop...

18:25 At the station: two girls (one about 8 and the other about 4) are circling a cylindrical pillar. 8 (with her longer arm) goes twice as fast as 4. And they laugh as they discover in these semi-imposed movements, the dynamics of this: they both have the same angular velocity though their running speeds differ by 2:1.

And now they rotate in opposite directions and 4 passes beneath the arm of 8... to much laughter... Then 4 continues to run round on her own, laughing, after 8 has tired of it!

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