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18 september 2004

in the early days of the future

a personal history of design research*

memories of the beginnings of design methods in the 1950s and 60s and perceptions of industrial life as a beginning of something better.

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Outline so far:

1.1 How I got into a subject that did not yet exist!

1.2 Discovering that there were other people in this invisible subject

1.3 Attempted improvements of industrial design and culture

2.1 Early days of the future

*As I was unable to accept his invitation to visit Korea to accept an award, Kun-Pyo Lee of the Korean Society of Design Science proposed that I write a history of design research. This is the unexpected result. It is my alternative to a keynote address at the KSDS 10th anniversary conference - at which I will be present electronically.

While writing about the past as a beginning of the future I hope to revive my early perception of design research as a way to humanise industrial living... and to connect that intention with the things I'm doing now (this form of online writing included). Viva!

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