online: 8 february 2005
modified: 8 february 2005

7 february 2005 the digital diary observed

15:37 ...heath walk with Nic and his video camera*...

Sitting on the seat in memory of Meta Dachinger, artist... where i have often sat to write entries to the digital diary... i should explain (as Nic films this) that i can write on this handheld computer with an inkless pen in capital letters which the computer can recognise... i look around:
i look up and see, as usual, an aeroplane... it seems to be on its way back to Heathrow... and a minute later i see another on the same flight path ...

10:15 Out door cafe. Almost no cloud. Mild winter sunshine. The cafe is already closed and a blackbird is hopping about looking for crumbs. All this is so obvious and so predictable - and i suppose my walking here and writing this has become predictable also...!

...a few people remain to sit and chat and read, or just to finish eating and drinking, yet the simplicity and the obviousness of these actions does not seem too trite to record - for i realise now that any action, any thought, can appear marvellous in itself - if divested of trivial or diminishing relationships with the so-called mundane, the limiting extent of what is known, to you or to me...

*Nic is my grand nephew - he is making a film of softopia and the city forest for his dissertation in media studies.

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