online: 25 march 2005
modified: 25 march 2005

24 march 2005 aerial surprises

17:55 Today the weather is more seasonal - march winds and a clear sky with small detached cumulus clouds visibly moving and thus making perceptible the volumes of space between and beyond them as they sail eastward beneath the full moon that is presently visible in daylight... (it was the separation of the clouds, and their apparently varying velocities, that allowed me to see the cloudscape not as a flat picture but as three-dimensional space.)

The city is lit by the setting sun, each tall building lighter than the surrounding rooftops and still wintry trees - and some buildings shining or glinting if they happen to be set at an angle to reflect sunlight to the hill where i sit in the wind.

Now the floating clouds have turned blue-grey as the sun sinks out of sight and the moon appears much brighter, almost as if it is already night, but the sky is still pale blue (though now a little darker).

Behind me is a triangular kite (resembling a hang glider) which roars like an engine as someone steers it in continuous climbs and dives and loops that make the loose edge of its taught fabric vibrate like a musical instrument... but it's more nuisance than pleasure to me, and perhaps others.

It was this engine-like sound that made me walk here to find out its cause. Before that i was walking in a direction selected by chance.

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