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5 april 2005 ordinary perceptions

11:34 Rain is forecast for this afternoon so I'm walking in the morning - for the first time for many months... Already i can feel a cold wind from the northwest and i can see large grey clouds beginning to fill the sky which has been blue and sunny since dawn. I'm enjoying being out early in the day and putting indoor activities (habits, duties, urgencies) into second place.

As i sat here two people went past, one of whom was screeching loudly and making mock attacks on the other. Difficult to tell if this is play or some kind of involuntary madness. I feel more frightened than amused... and i contemplate the difference between what seems sane and what does not.

Many trees are now in leaf - i noticed chestnut leaves already about half their full grown size, and beech leaves the same. And around me the new grass is about 10 cm high.

A small bird, i think it's a wren, has just flown quickly across the path in front of me from one bramble bush to another. I think that's the way wrens fly, near to the ground, not high up in the trees.

Outdoor cafe, tomato soup and a hunk of bread. About 40 people are eating outside here today. Small children run about, shouting, between the tables. The grey and white clouds filter most of the sunlight so that shadows are soft, or non-existent. A windy day in spring... What is happening, in the perceptions of each one of us, that is not evident to the others?

23:35 the education of everyone continues - with a course in the perception of everything, communicable or not... this is it, write the fingers.

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