online: 28 april 2005
(i've been too busy searching for somewhere to live to edit and put recent diary entries online - today there are four more waiting)

13 april 2005 old/new and new/old

1:25 a new start:

realising that the new cannot be imposed on what is, nor can what is be forced to take new form (and other thoughts of this kind) i seek to proceed accordingly...

...can the new be correctly perceived as the natural, or the automatic, the spontaneous development of what is - provided that it does not encounter the restrictions of false aims or old habits?

this question came to me after reading something said by Walter Carrington (selected by chance from his book Thinking Aloud*)

*Walter Carrington, Thinking Aloud, talks on teaching the Alexander Technique, edited by Jerry Sontag, Mornum Time Press, San Francisco 1994. Also available from the Constructive Teaching Centre, 18 Lansdowne Road, London, W11 2LL, UK where Walter Carrington teaches.

Sorry to say i've lost the page number of the quotation - but here is another chance quotation (from page 149.09) to give the flavour of his talks:

You learn what to think in order to get the results you are after ... you don't [consciously] do it, You don't move the ribs like that, you don't move the diaphragm, you just think the thought as a result of which they do move like that. You present the stimulus and this is the response you get... [he is speaking of how to breathe, especially while singing]

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