online: 30 april 2005
modified: 3 may 2005

24 april 2005 where to live

17:46 Vale of Health Pond - on a seat in memory of 'Norah Lawrence who lived in the vale from 1925-1977'*

...i've been visiting a place where i may decide to live, talking with people who live there and with local shopkeepers, my future neighbours perhaps. They all say it's peaceful, friendly and safe... it could even be dull. I'm considering it because it's affordable and walking distance from the heath.

I'm sitting looking at some grass leading to the pond, at the birches that are growing on each side of the grass, and at the willows that are dipping into the water on the other side. There is one swan, still with some brown feathers, that may well have been driven here from pond one by its parent.

After many tiring yet interesting days searching for somewhere to live, i am enjoying the feeling that my house search may be over as my thoughts return from that concern to what is happening about me, here amongst the trees and the ponds and the birds and small animals.

On the way here i met a rabbit that did not run away until i was almost upon it - at about 3 metres. The rabbits here seem not to fear people.

*Norah Lawrence - was she related to D H Lawrence who used to live in The Vale? ...i find no reference to her on the web.

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