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26 april 2005 the end of an era?

19:40 back on the heath after many days - i've been too busy house-hunting to write much...

.. is this a special moment, a turning point perhaps?

...after finding a flat near to parts of the heath where i seldom go... is this goodbye to the views and scenes and ambience of this southwest side before i move to the northwest.?

in memory of John Tucker, philosopher,
12.3.1923 - 22.12.1987
who was he? the seat is dedicated to him. Can i find his writings*? Are they perhaps neglected, but interesting? He died aged 64 and was 29 in 1952 when he might well have done his main (or most formative) work. I shall try to find his writings**.

Parliament Hill. Above the city towers is a long chain of pink cumulus clouds against blue-grey haze... near symmetry as if composed by a classical painter (Nicolas Poussin for instance) with the tallest clouds over the tallest buildings and the whole scene as if idealised by someone...

...and when i turn round i see a blue-grey-golden sunset behind me, such as one might expect at the end of a romantic movie of the 1930s, 40s, or 50s...

... is this the end of an era?

*I've so far failed to find John Tucker's writings on the web or in the British Library public catalogue. Perhaps i did not use the right keywords?

**There is a theory that, just before the age of 30, many people do their best, or formative, work. I can't remember where i learnt of it (or if, perhaps, i invented it) but i often find, in reading chronologies of the lives of writers, that they do indeed publish their most notable works at about the age of 29 (but i've not tried to test this theory systematically). (My theory of automation appeared early in 1957 before my 30th birthday and i often think it is my best work. The text is in the internet and everyone, pages 79-103.)

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