online: 18 may 2005
modified: 31 august, 1 septemeber 2004

14 may 2005 after hospital

17:34: This is the first moment when i've been able to recover whatever of oneself is lost in the process of becoming 'a patient', a semi-voluntary subject of the healing wounds and curative skills of scientific medicine...and the all-demanding process of withstanding this invasive experience, well intended but painful, mortally dangerous yet safe.

First of all thanks for the repair of damaged or broken tissue, and for the care, given free of charge (to the patient) by doctors, nurses and others, an organised collective skill beyond the capability of any one of the dozen or so people who attended to me specifically..., and thanks also for the thousands or millions (political, organisational and medical) without whose historical and present efforts my little operation for hernia could not have been performed.

And now, three days later, in the care of one devoted person, to whom my thanks for help most needed when unable to look after myself - existing only in bed, with assisted journeys to bathroom and with meals provided in bed... with other kindnesses too many to describe.

Thanks to a few social pioneers and medical reformers, and to their many paid and unpaid successors, these are ordinary happenings, experienced by millions where industrial processes are enjoyed or endured - but still largely unavailable to perhaps half of those alive. And most notably i must remark on the large proportion of those providing hospital care in the countries where it is abundant have themselves recently immigrated from countries where it is not... a scandal of unfair globalism that must surely be corrected immediately (i think).

lacking energy to write more i return now to rest and recovery in the state of reduced action and thought that an injured body requires.

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