online: 25 may 2005
modified: 25 may 2005

24 may 2005 anti-clockwise

20:02 Plenty of people here on Parliament Hill in the wind beneath pale blue sky in which a few grey or cream clouds are moving eastwards. The sun is low behind us as we sit or stand to look south over the city - no one is looking at the woods to the west, north and east... but now i go walking, anti-clockwise - to the north - and then west - and then south - the reverse of my customary circuit.

Under a lime tree on a seat in memory of Paul and Elizabeth Elek (i think they were writers and publishers). As i walked here in the reverse direction i felt i was seeing familiar places as somewhat strange and unexpected. I feel as if i could sit here for hours under the lime leaves looking towards Highgate and at the freestanding trees in the valley before me. There are small holes in some of the lime leaves - are they already being eaten by something? One leaf close to my head has lost more than half its substance and some of its ribs remain like a green skeleton.

On a seat overlooking a playing field. The sun has disappeared and the sky is beginning to darken. This field is surrounded by trees some of which sway in a wind but the air near the ground is quite still. I see a few grasses shaking slightly... but as i write all the grasses move simultaneously - and now they are still again... I get up to complete this short walk...

...soon it will be light enough for long walks in the evenings.

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