online: 25 may 2005
modified: 25, 26 may 2005

25 may 2005 actuality

20:32 seat overlooking wooded valley - perhaps a good place in which to remember past walks as well as this - and past times as well as these... for today i feel at a turning point though i know that such changes of direction may not be evident until afterwards...

and then i walked on

...sitting now at the end of pond 1. Looking along its length towards the hospital ( where i was a patient two weeks ago) i recall my enjoyment of the view from that spacious ward room for four patients and of the Bruce Archer bed, and my realising that the new thinking of that time (the 1960s and 70s), insofar as it was physically realised, has changed the culture.

And so now, in my searchings for a direction, I realise that what i do next must be physical, or actual, not speculative.

Is this it?

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