online: 30 may 2005
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29 may 2005 as a theory confirmed

20:43 A strange pink light, and a strange haze over the city, seen from the highest seat.

The misty stillness seems to extend to the Vale of Health (which is below me) though it is not itself in mist - each roof , each window, each chimney, each tree is clearly visible, but the distant city centre and this somewhat artificial village both seem contained in picture-like stillness...

Just then a man arrived to stand, and then to sit, while gazing intently at the distant city. He said he'd arrived in time to see the sunset reflected on the tall buildings - and then he left.

...and now the pink light has turned yellow and the mist has turned grey. Yes i feel as at home here as i did in my birthplace, Aberystwyth, and later in Borth the nearby seaside village, or in one or two places where we went on holiday in the 1930s... But i don't recall any other places but this heath where i've subsequently grown to feel so at home - unless it is in central London... or in galleries of new art, wherever they are, or were.

Before leaving i turn round and catch sight of three fir trees growing in the grass, and they seem for a moment to represent all the trees in the world, as they stand motionless, each occupying space, revealing it, and being there, where they are, as parts of the universe as we see it, as a theory confirmed.

While i wrote that the city lights came on... it's time to go.

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