online: 8 july 2005
modified: 8 july 2005

6 june 2005 unexpected

20:37 a clear sky except for layer of blue-grey cloud over the distant city. Dry wind from the northeast.

I came here this evening (to the western edge of the heath) to avoid thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of tiny insects that fill all of the air near the ponds where i usually walk... I've never seen insects here in such numbers - are they driven from Scandinavia, perhaps, by this unusual direction of the wind? There are so many that they fill all the airspace up to about 5 metres from the edge of each pond. So i walked across open meadow to reach this seat where there are fewer insects and from which i can see Canary Wharf and St Paul's Cathedral and the other tall buildings between them - and where i can sit to write this.

Feeling cold now in this near Arctic wind, i move on.

Frognal Station. I walked across the heath to Sandy Road and then to a bus stop near to where i expect to be living soon. I asked someone which bus to take. When the bus came he got in and i sat next to him... He told me that he is a regular listener to Resonance FM on which i regularly broadcast readings from this diary... 'Small world', as he said.

This is the first time i've met anyone who listens to this alternative radio station. I imagine that there are very few listeners - but evidently there is at least one, near to where i shall soon be living!

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