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13 june 2005 evening light

20:22 The highest seat... The nearest part of the distant city and the furthest part of the Vale of Health are in sunlight while the far distance and the hilltop where i am sitting are in shadow. A bird is singing quietly to my left ... half the sky is cloudy half is blue... Now the sunlight has reached the tall buildings in the distance and has left the Vale of Health as we move towards darkness. There are swifts or swallows flying irregularly in the blue sky above and some small insects flying above my head.

As i sat here three people came to ask the way: the first to the Vale of Health, the second to Hampstead Heath and the third to the (newly arrived gigantic sculpture of a) table and chair.

Now the sunlight has left the city ... but it is still illuminating the nearest clouds with pinkish light.

I've moved from hilltop to a marshy meadow surrounded by trees. There is no wind here and no people - just a wood pidgeon cooing to my right and a smaller bird singing to my left. The city towers are now grey, no longer shining in the sun. I suppose the many brambles and trees and grasses all round me have been growing quickly all day.

On the way back i look at a seat inscribed

in memoriam
Richard Spilsbury, philosopher, 1919-84
(I find that he is the author of Providence Lost: a critique of Darwinism, 1974)

Close to pond 1 i meet again the man who asked the way to the table and chair. He'd missed the way and i try to tell him how to get there. He asks me where in Wales i come from. He comes from Newport, Gwent.

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