online: 18 june 2005
modified: 18 june 2005

17 june 2005 at the end of day

21:35 Late evening, sitting next to the tumulus, looking at a wall of tall trees across a meadow... the shadowy places beneath and inside the trees look mysterious, as does their complete stillness, in still air... this is the moment, i think, to forget people, such as we are, and to imagine how we could be, enabled by changed mind, culture, and perception (from within and without) to live simply as perfect beings, not tied to perpetual negation, likes, dislikes, or to goodness, beauty, or supposed evil... all these are constructs.

I hear a happy scream in the distance, and i see people leaving as the light fades and the moon becomes brighter, the evening jetplanes arrive one by one and turn in the sky towards the airport, each a world in motion about to rejoin this larger world of baffled people, for no one sees, no one hears, no one thinks of what can be, if perceived as such, as such...

...true to mind true to mind, and capable not of everything but of far more than each was told and taught, and in the absence of good examples sees not the way of self-construction of the skies the trees and everything...'s too dark to go on but the possibility of this is unaffected

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