online: 20 june 2005
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19 june 2005 on being warm, numerous and tidy

21:17 Parliament Hill. The air is warmer (over 32C) than yesterday but the wind seems to be changing from southeast to southwest - for the smog has almost vanished. The distant towers, and even the hills beyond, are clearly visible. I'm glad i came out after a day indoors trying, but not succeeding, to keep below 25C.

This evening (close to the solstice) there are about 100 people here, standing, sitting, gazing southwards over the city. The moon is low, and bright, and nearly full. The sky is pale blue above and to the west, and to the east there is a layer of thin grey-and-pink cloud. The sun is now behind the trees to the north and the sky above it is pale yellowy blue with a few streaks of blue-and-pink cloud.

I stop on the way back to sit by the playing field and immediately i see bats flying across the sky - about one every 2 to 10 seconds. They fly from tree to tree.

During this walk i passed several waste bins that were buried in mountains of plastic bags of refuse. I estimate that there was 10 to 15 times as much refuse as the submerged bins contain. So: there must have been at least 10-15 times as many visitors as there are in cooler weather - and there seem to be many people who do not discard refuse indiscriminately but who tie it up in bags and carry it to a collection point. We are not yet as anti-social as we may imagine!

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