online: 12 july 2005
modified: 12 july 2005

11 july 2005 content to be here

21:33 a wide meadow and sky, the tops of city towers just showing over distant treetops... above is dappled or mackerel cloud such as i don't think i've ever seen here (inland?) but which i remember seeing when i lived at the seaside.

Today i sent off daffodil 44, a few days late but i'm pleased with it. Somehow (by good accidents as well as necessary struggles) it seems to include several more connective pieces than have appeared before in this, my public writing place - from the foundation of the imaginary rock foundation (at which i smile) to a theory of industrial living (that is perhaps my most comprehensive yet)... and several other pieces that together may be the new beginning that i'm always seeking!

And now... in a field of hay becoming pinkish yellow in the fading sunlight... seeing the electric lights come on in the distant towers and in the hospital nearby... i feel content to be here, writing these words (that can be read by people anywhere on earth or beyond) and feeling so at home in this landscape...

...i look directly upward at a jetplane that is flying northeast, close to the dappled clouds... i hear the sirens of two emergency vehicles... and now three... while looking at a small piece of flax that is carried by the wind... to me all this is perfection, despite thoughts of things less happy elsewhere

...a woman screams, just once - scared, angry, or in good humour i could not tell, and i continued sitting a few seconds before i walked away - to put this online, with all those other writings...

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